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ICS Steam Book CD

The International Correspondence School (ICS) of Scranton, PA published a large series of books on steam locomotive maintenance and operation. They used these books as part of a correspondance training course for locomotive engineers and firemen from the 1930s to the 1950s. With very detailed, yet practical, drawings and text, these books explain the fundamentals of boilers, feedwater heaters, injectors, compressors, brakes, locomotive operation, and other related topics.

As a model railroader, I have found these books to be an excellent reference for adding devices and piping to a model. These are not dumbed-down "coffee table" books, and they aren't a dry ramble through the laws of physics. They hit a sweet middle ground between the two extremes.

Photos of the actual books

These are some of the actual ICS books I own.

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Book Cover

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Title Page

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Injector Diagram

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Injector Close-Up

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Injector Close-Up

CD Copies Available!

To order a CD, see "How To Order a CD" below

I own 14 ICS steam locomotive books. I have had them professionally scanned into .pdf files, and I have received written permission from the original publisher to offer copies of these for sale at a nominal price in order to recoup my expenses. The CD is readable in any Mac, Linux, or Windows computer. There are 14 .pdf files on it, readable with the standard free Adobe Acrobat reader (Mac or Windows) or Preview utility (Mac OSX or Linux).


The files are fully text-searchable! That means you can open the file on Boiler Feeding Devices, for example, search on "Nathan", and quickly find all the sections on Nathan injectors.

Samples of the CD

Here are sample screenshots of exactly what is on the CD, so you can get a good idea of the scan quality.

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Text Sample 1

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Illustration Sample 1

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Typical Cover Page

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Illustration with Text

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Text Sample 2

missing thumbnail
Injector Diagram

missing thumbnail
Air Brake Diagram

List of Books

There are 14 books, titled as follows. They are all on one CD. The volume numbers are the actual ICS catalog numbers.

Vol 501Locomotive Boilers
Vol 503BLocomotive Valves and Valve Gear
Vol 504CWalschaert and Baker Valve Gear
Vol 505CLocomotive Valve Settings
Vol 506Firing of Locomotives
Vol 507BLocomotive Stokers
Vol 508DLocomotive Boiler Feeding Devices
Vol 510CLocomotive Management
Vol 514BCompressors and Brake Equipment
Vol 515DNumber 6 and Number 8 ET Brake Equipment
Vol 516BAir Brake Troubles - Brake Rigging
Vol 519Automatic Control Equipment
Vol 530Automatic Train Control
Vol 598Freight-Car Brake Equipment

How To Order a CD

If you'd like a copy of the CD, please send an email saying you want one to:

email address

The price is $20 (US dollars). Upon receiving your email inquiry, I will send you instructions for ordering. In general, payment can be by money order, certified check, or PayPal. The ordering instructions you receive will contain all the details.